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Is your student struggling in school or at risk of receiving a failing grade, or do you need your ‘straight -A’ student to maintain their good standing in a class? Rising Phoenix Enrichment Program, Inc offers individual or online tutoring in various academic subjects. All of our tutors are highly qualified to tutor in the subject areas assigned to teach. Rising Phoenix Enrichment Program, Inc not only focuses on tutoring and increasing grades, we are a company that focuses on enriching the youth as well. We will provide them with the proper educational tools, so they may become better role models for their peers, as well as model citizens. Our enrichment programs serve a vital role for students hoping to go on to college. The following is a list of the subjects (K-12) we provide tutoring in:

  1. Language Arts

  2. Mathematics

  3. History

  4. Science

  5. Social Sciences

  6. Study Skills

  7. Test Preparation (GRE, GED, SAT, ACT, Graduation Test, CRCT)

  8. English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)

$35/hr Elementary School; $45/hr Middle School; $55/hr High School
Online Tutoring Available (Skype, and other programs)

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